I’ve spoken at WordCamps and been interviewed for many podcasts.

I occassionally have the opportunity to express my thoughts and knowledge on stage at conferences. But podcast interviews are a favorite of mine as they allow me to engage in dialogue rather than merely stating my views.



The Business of WordPress

Robert Cairns - The SDM Show, Feb 2024

Rob Talks to Aaron Edwards about the business of WordPress. Show Highlights: 1. Aaron's WordPress original story. 2. AI in WordPress and Marketing. 3. SASS products.

DocsBot: AI for Website Documentation

WordPress Web Agency AI Summit, Sept 2023

Aaron Edwards from DocsBot demonstrates how his tool can scan your website and train a bot in just a few minutes. This bot can answer users’ questions, provide suggestions, and link to relevant content based on the website’s content. This SaaS tool requires no coding and does not consume server resources, making it a valuable asset for simple or straightforward documentation.

Press This: AI & WordPress Documentation

Press This Podcast, TorqueMag, March 2023

Aaron Edwards discusses the impact of AI on WordPress and his new tool, ChatWP. He also talks about his other AI projects like Imajinn AI and the future of AI in WordPress.

Create University Websites, Web3 for WordPress, and AI Image Generation with Aaron Edwards

LMScast, March 12, 2023

Aaron Edwards, founder of Web3 WP and CTO of WPMU DEV, discusses university website creation, Web3, and AI image generation on the LMScast podcast. He shares his insights on the latest developments in Web 3, digital assets, and the recent FTX exchange and FTT token collapse. Aaron emphasizes the importance of the underlying technology of Web 3 over speculation and investment. He also discusses the role of centralized players in token handling and the safety of self-stored tokens. Aaron remains optimistic about the future of Web 3 and its potential applications in WordPress and open-source.

Saasifying Your WP Product

WP Product Talk Podcast, Feb 22, 2023

A discussion on how to transform your WordPress product into a SaaS.

Web3, NFTs and WordPress with Web3 WP

The WP Mayor Podcast, Dec 14, 2021

In this episode, Gaby and Jean Galea talk to Aaron Edwards and Joshua Dailey, co-founders of Infinite Uploads and WordPress contributors, about Web3, NFTs, and WordPress with Web3 WP. Aaron and Joshua have spent more than 20 years developing and maintaining enterprise WordPress sites. Also, they launched the first (and only) WordPress NFT.

Hello, Hackers!

Hello, WP! Podcast, February 18, 2019

While it's easy to become disillusioned to the topic of security in this day and age, we have to stay well informed on the types of attacks that are out there, and what tools and practices we should have in place to combat them. So, on this episode, Josh and Micah talk to a hack victim, a 'WordPress hater', and two security experts to get some insight and practical help.