I'm Aaron Edwards, sharing my solopreneur journey building and growing SaaS, AI, & WordPress products

I’ve loved making things for as long as I can remember, whether it was robots, go-carts, treehouses, or underground forts. I’ve been building software for the web for almost two decades, and I’ve been a part of some amazing teams that have built some amazing things.

Since WordPress 2.6 I got into WordPress and WordPress Multisite development in order to build a niche blog network. Then became a plugin developer for WPMU DEV, and eventually served as the Chief Technology Officer of Incsub for over 10 years. Incsub is behind the WordPress projects WPMU DEV, CampusPress and Edublogs.

While still an advisor to Incsub, I'm now focused full time as a solopreneur working on DocsBot.ai, Imajinn.ai, and Infinite Uploads. I love sharing my journey on X and helping others build and grow their own products, so give me a follow!