Selling Infinite Uploads?

I believe the time has come. I've decided to consider the sale of Infinite Uploads, a unique cloud storage & CDN SaaS/WP plugin that integrates seamlessly with WordPress.

Infinite Uploads Dashboard

Launched by me and my co-founder Joshua Dailey (now at WP Engine) in January 2021 after almost a year of building during the COVID-19 lockdown, Infinite Uploads was born out of a vision to enhance WordPress users' experience by providing a simple unlimited cloud storage and CDN solution. Despite its potential for high growth and the unique features it offers, including a robust video encoding and hosting service, the time commitment to my most successful product, DocsBot AI, has led me to consider selling this venture.

Builder not a Marketer

It's been a remarkable journey since the inception of Infinite Uploads. I'm a builder and marketing is not my strength. Since the departure of my CMO co-founder over a year ago Infinite Uploads has just been on autopilot. This product has shown the potential to revolutionize how WordPress users manage their media content, and it pains me to see its potential wasted.

It could be a huge strategic opportunity for the right buyer to compliment their existing plugin suite or WordPress hosting service. The opportunity for significant expansion is undeniably there. I'm confident a simple dedicated marketing campaign or cross-promotion could rejuvenate its trajectory, pushing MRR far beyond $2,000.

Infinite Uploads SaaS Dashboard

A Unique Opportunity

Infinite Uploads stands as a unique opportunity in the WordPress ecosystem. It's not just a plugin but a fully SaaS product with recurring revenue, a sizable opted-in email list of 6-7k, and a suite of features that set it apart, including:

Cloud Storage and CDN

  • A seamless integration with WordPress, allowing users to upload and manage files directly from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Unlimited cloud storage and CDN solutions, with no file size limitations.

Video Encoding/Hosting

  • GDPR-compliant, cookieless video hosting with no ads, tracking, or banners.
  • A highly customizable player for branding, with no filesize limitations for uploads or storage right from the WP dashboard.
  • Advanced encoding for compatibility across devices, with variable bit rate HLS streaming for optimized bandwidth usage and faster video delivery, all served from a CDN.
Video Upload block

Big File Uploads Plugin

The sale also will include the Big File Uploads plugin with its outstanding 256+ five-star ratings and over 90,000 installs. We aquired this plugin in 2021 and it has been a great addition to the Infinite Uploads suite as a free lead generator and our main source of referrals and email subscriptions.


Tech Stack

  • WordPress plugins - PHP, JS (partially jQuery, partially React), Bootstrap
  • Website - WordPress website with custom plugin, Divi theme, SaaS API uses WP REST API
  • We provision and interface with an S3-compatible object storage service
  • Our CDN partner provides CDN services for storage, as well as the Video encoding and hosting and player
  • AWS Batch on demand for long running jobs and crons like collecting usage stats, deleting files from cloud storage, etc. Jobs are written in PHP, packaged/deployed into Docker image via script ($2/mo AWS bill)

User Base and Revenue

Infinite Uploads MRR

Here are some key stats, as of February 2024. Once we open discussions and I know you're serious, I can provide more detailed financials and access to the Stripe account.

  • $2k MRR
  • $22k TTM
  • 94% Gross Margin
  • 17% YoY MRR growth
  • 8.1% Churn rate
  • 45.5% Trial to paid conversion rate

All of these numbers are with me putting in about 1-3 hours a month of support and no marketing.

Competitive Landscape

Our main competitor is WP Offload Media, which is a great product with 50k installs of their free version, giving some insight into the potential market. But WP Offload has seen a period of neglect, especially after its acquisition by WP Engine, which was primarily interested in Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) rather than enhancing WP Offload itself. This situation presents a significant opportunity for Infinite Uploads to capitalize on the gaps left by our competitors.

Additionally WP Offload is a freemium plugin, not a SaaS. It requires creating and properly configuring separate cloud and CDN accounts, where Infinite Uploads is a one-click solution. It also doesn't offer video hosting or encoding. There are a few other cloud storage plugins but none that offer the video hosting and encoding features that Infinite Uploads does. This positions Infinite Uploads additionally against products like VideoPress (Automattic), PrestoPlayer, Vimeo, and Wistia.

Valuation and Acquisition

Given these strengths and the plugin's quick growth potential, I'm seeking a valuation of around $75k as an asset purchase, hoping for an acquisition that appreciates the unique position Infinite Uploads occupies and its potential for rapid scale. I'm open to discussing the terms and structure of the sale, including a short transition period to ensure a smooth handover and continued growth. I'm also very open to creative deal structures and strategic partnerships that allow me to maintain a stake in the product and participate in its future success.

The Path Forward

For those interested in a SaaS product with strong foundations, immediate revenue, and significant growth potential within the WordPress ecosystem, Infinite Uploads represents an unparalleled opportunity. It's a chance to own a product that not only enhances WordPress functionality but also opens new avenues for revenue and user engagement through its advanced video features and large user base.

As I shift my focus towards nurturing DocsBot, I am excited to see where Infinite Uploads can go in the hands of someone ready to unlock its full potential. It's a bittersweet decision, but one that aligns with my vision for the future and the strategic focus required to achieve it.

For inquiries or to express interest in this opportunity, feel free to reach out. Let's discuss how Infinite Uploads can embark on its next chapter under your guidance, continuing to serve and expand its loyal user base.

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I'm excited to see where this journey takes us. 🚀